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Good news and bad news. First the bad news; I didn’t edit my Titanfall broadcast in time to upload it to youtube. I will have to make another one soon. Good news is that I got a lot of visits from it and decided to do it again. Not just for TitanFall either. I might do this for every game I can put on Twitch, for no other reason then share with you guys. Today I am going to broadcast myself playing and critiquing


I will make a review of this game as well, and edit the recording more promptly for your viewing pleasure. Plus I want to try my hand at making a vine for it as well. I’ll have the broadcast up in a few short minutes.

That’s 6:00 pm EST sharp on April 6th 2014.

If your too late, check out my Thief recording on youtube.



Watch live video from Ideawizard on www.twitch.tv

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