About Me

My name is Timothy Ryan Scully, and I prefer to be called by my middle name. Why? Because two year old me couldn’t pronounce Timothy. Why my parents didn’t just call me Tim I will never know. I live in the southern part of New Jersey, got an associates degree in Video Game Design courtesy of Camden County College, and have been playing video games ranging from Super Mario Bros. for the very first Nintendo system to modern games today such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Minecraft.


I made this site for two reasons

First reason is because, quite simply, I enjoy video games. Period.

Second reason is so I can share my opinion on games based off of my 20+ years of experience with them. That’s it.

I will be continuing this site for about a year. If this turns into something magic, I will probably stay with it longer. If not, at least I can say I tried.

I hope you enjoy reading this site, and it helps you make a better informed decision the next time you are shopping at Gamestop or online.

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