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Hello Folks.

Sorry for the two day delay. I had to create a video for Saturday at the last minute due to finals.

As promised, from now on I will do a single post for every single day, starting with this one.

And for waiting so patiently, today I will write for you not one, not two, but three reviews. This review will be the video review that I promised on Saturday. The next one will be a retro review for today, and the next will be a PC game review for tomorrow. Until then, do enjoy my video review of Sleeping Dogs.

Disclaimer: Sleeping Dogs is an M rated game, and the review shows characters dropping the F bomb several times and breaking peoples legs-really. Do proceed with caution, and be advised if you are showing this to kids.

Also a few technicalities put to light; The game takes place in Hong Kong, and I use “Chinatown” as a euphemism for that. If this bothers you, tell me in the comments POLITELY.

Also, His name is Wei Shun, not Wei Ling.

See you in a bit!