Very Fun(Super Mario Bros)


Even if you played this game several times a day during your youth and the thousands of clones that came after it, you will be surprised by this game and you will have a blast. Guaranteed. The game is cock full of surprises, has the best kind of learning curve of any game then and now, and looks and sounds beautiful to play. While it lacks the cutting-edge graphics of modern gaming (back in 86′, this was cutting edge!), it more then makes up for it with memorable melodies and a colorful art style that  actually looks better then a lot of recent titles. Remember, dev students; it’s not just how powerful the graphics are, but how you use them! Nobody knew that better then the people at Nintendo, especially its lead designer Shigeru Myamoto. In case you don’t know him, he is the guy behind Mario and Zelda, has joined Nintendo with an Industrial design degree, and is easily the most popular game designer alive today. His experience with form and function shines in this masterpeice, as it is crystal clear from the get go that nothing is placed haphazardly and every piece has a purpose, and that purpose is usually to balance challenge with skill. The end result is that you wind up laughing yourself horse even if you fail, and you compulsively want to play again. This was before games started using experience point skinner boxes, marking this a monumental achievement even by today’s standards. This is a game that has aged gracefully, and anyone who wants to design a game that is insanely fun needs to pick up an NES and a copy of Super Mario Bros. I highly recommend it.

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