Genre Defining Platformer(Super Mario Bros.)

If you ever played a game where you had to run jump and shoot, ever played a game with a hidden surprise or two, hell, even play a game where you control something on your damn TV screen, you felt the effect of Super Mario Bros. It was Call of Duty before World War 2 games, Halo before they even had Space Harrier, and World of Warcraft before they even had the internet. If you loved electronics, games, and cutting edge technology back in the late 80s, you were bugged by all your friends at the pizza shop to grab an NES and play some Super Mario Bros. It was hot stuff then, and is still a big deal now. And without it, we never would have even heard of video games in general, let alone platformer or action titles we take for granted today.


Believe it or not, just about every game out there that usually comes in the AAA world is an action game that owes its roots to Super Mario Bros. First Person Shooters, Third Person Action, and even certain kinds of adventure games tend to borrow more from Super Mario Bros. then any other kind of game. Back before 3D games were really a thing, just about every shoed in game was in many ways a cheap platformer that tried to do what Super Mario Bros. did, but executed poorly. Much in the same way every other game nowadays is a knockoff of COD or Gears, every game back in the 8 and 16 bit era, every other game was basically a knockout of this game. So yeah, you get the point; this thing set standards. In case you still didn’t get the point, also consider the fact that the latest mario titles have included games that follow the same exact side scrolling system that the original game used. Even the 3D games for the Wii U tend to gravitate towards the linear system and mechanics offered by the original. Proof is in the Pudding.


That’s the Synopsis. Now back to the Review.

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