October is Coming…

I really need to stop doing this. I am juggling waaaayyy too much on my plate, and I am sorry I didn’t post until now.

Since this month is almost over, and Retro Month was almost 30 days ago, I am going to only do a brief article on newgrounds.com next. After that, it will be business as usual. Since October is going to be THE month for next gen releases, that probably means a bunch of First Look Articles on all the fun stuff you saw at E3. If you missed that, check out this Article.

Yeah, Once October comes in, almost every game that was showed at E3 or otherwise will be coming onto GameStop Shelves and Steam Store icons like Black Friday madness. I will try my best to review as many titles as I can (in particular, those you got a first look at) but I will be one man acting as legion. Unless I can find some guest bloggers, there is a good chance I will not be able to cover some titles. This is guaranteed to include Wii U and 3DS titles, since I am flat broke and own neither system. Sorry Nintendo fans.

The rest of you have a lot to look forward too. I will be hosting a few booths at one if not two small conventions in New Jersey, and will be able to give live feed.  Don’t Worry; I’ll use a better mic then the crappy one on my Mac this time. I got a turtle beach headset that’ll pretty much cut the mustard. I’ll be sure to test before using this time.


The small conventions I will be attending include a festival being held at a local collectables shop called the Retro Station. I’ll post it once the owner announces it officially. The next one may or may not be another booth at Geekfest. In either case, I will be hosting another giveaway. I haven’t decided what the prize is, but it will be something significantly cheaper then a gaming console. I’m leaning towards either a Steam Gift Card or the latest and greatest game coming out that month.

If you have an idea for a giveaway prize, post in comments please!

Also this month, I will be doing a special lets play for

After that, I will basically be posting a Shopping List for Black Friday. I’ll be reviewing throughout the Fall season, and can pull on some research after October. I’ll be posting a free version on the blog, and might even sell a deluxe version for $0.99 each. We will see.

Also on the agenda; since I am no longer giving away a Playstation 4, I desperately need to change the video on my Patreon page. That means a new video for youtube and the page itself. Stay tuned for that.

Along the way, I will continue experimenting with HTML and CSS, which means that once the holiday rush passes, I will most likely be redesigning this site from scratch. I will see if I can keep the site running up until it’s time to relaunch, but until then its something else to look forward to.

It’s going to be a busy few months, but at the end of it all it’ll be worth it for me and you. Thank you so much for making this site possible.

Until next time.


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