Queen of Space App Review

If you are not somebody I know, ignore this; I KNOW WHERE YOU WORK TYLER!

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Okay, I’m back. To be clear, this is the VERY first Iphone game review. It is the app of someone I know, but I do not work for him and I plainly do not care about offending him in any way, so this is as objective as its going to get.

Queen of space is a basic tap and move game where you touch the screen and slide your finger across to move a colored triangle in a position to catch circles of the same color with the same symbol. Easy to pick up, not so easy to master. Like geometric wars and the like, you are navigating through a rejected Pink Floyd concert version of space complete with weird geometic shapes, odd symbols, and pop rock music in the background. You can turn the music off if you like, and if the premise seems too simple, you can switch it to hard mode. Plus it keeps track of high scores. I dare you to beat the dev team.

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I could easily end the review then and there, but to give you an idea of weather or not you want to download it (I’d say buy it, but its free as dirt) I will give this game a proper seven word synopsis. If nothing else, I do belive that the new medium on our smartphones is just as good a platform for gaming as your nintendo DS, minus the hefty price of a DS cartridge.

As always, we start with the good.

Simple, Relaxing

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Few games on any system can claim to the description above. Some can be simple, but very few manage to actually relax players into a state of trance. Those that do can barely even be called games. Queen of space, through its bright colors, strangely soothing rock melodies, and progressive flow of gameplay elements, playing Queen of Space is right up there with laying in bed with a pair of head phones listening to the rock group Queen. Even on hard, the game does little to punish you at all, and its easy to restart without problem and having a high score you can compare to the developers put this in place for both the most and least competitive gamer out there. For the low low price of free.

There are some drawbacks.

Shallow, Repetitive

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If you get bored easily, or need something that engages you in more then one way, you might wanna spend some money on something else. One thing that Iphone apps lack that mainstream games do not is depth and complexity of gameplay. This is due mostly to the simple touch screen. This game has the same problem for the same reasons, and can easily become the kind of thing you clear off your Iphone desktop when you need storage space. Unless you want something you can waste time with when you are burnt out past the point of intellectual reasoning, you might wanna play something else. IF you don’t care, play this game and remember why its free.

Free Abnegation App


I might have mentioned this before, but to reiterate Abnegation means that you basically need to spend time on something relaxing, simple, and unobtrusive. There are two ways to do this with electronic games; one is to grind levels in an RPG like Diablo 3. The other is to move a spaceship past obstacles. If you don’t mind replacing a spaceship with a color changing triangle, this app is worth downloading. Island Officials makes money off the adds here, so its free as Evernote. I will list your name in this review if you can get the hight score. Not kidding

Queen of Space App Review

Queen of Space App Review

Queen of Space


Simple Relaxing


Shallow Repetitive


Free Abnegation App

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