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Welcome! This is where I review games from the latest franchise to the most obscure indie titles.

For right now, this is the home page for my site. I will be researching how to write HTML and CSS, so before you know it, I will have an even more awesome website for your reading/viewing/playing and reviewing pleasure.

But until then, I will continue to rock the Gamepress theme here and let you start your dose of blog by remembering what the hell a Seven Word Synopsis is. If you are all too familiar, click one of the links above.

If you don’t, I’ll make this quick and dirty so you can stop wasting time on instructions and get straight to the game.

Basic Seven Word Synopsis; instead of rating a game on a scale of 1 to 10 arbitrarily, I have endeavored to invent a new way to review video games. I of course call this the


Seven Word Synopsis


The Good

Two words that explain why this game is the sh#t.

The Bad

Two words that explain why this game is sh#t.

And the Summary

Three words explaining what this game is. Period.

To be clear, this is both an effort to stand out, an effort to be more objective, and a practice that by far is not ever completely objective. Games will have bad reviews if they are bad, and good if they are good. Just like any other reviewer, I tend to play up the things I like. I’m only human.

An added bonus is that the Seven Word Synopsis by itself constitutes as a brief but informative review. If you find my writing too long or tedious to read, and/or are sick of seeing my ugly face on youtube, skip to the part where I give the full synopsis. I usually give the synopsis in three parts, segmenting the review and using the synopsis as a guide. At the end of each review I have the full synopsis and a link to a website where you can buy the game. This last one is to make it easier for you to buy it if you like; Amazon.com and GameStop only send me commissions in my lurid fantasies. So yeah… Click the yellow link with the price tag if the game sounds like something you would dig. It will be at the beginning of the game and look like the example below.

The Game: $price$


So yeah, that’s it. You are up to speed. One of these days, I will give you guys a proper video explaining this, along with all the bells and whistles. Until then, this will have to due.

Also worth noting; I will be using a similar site to house my video game studio which I will label…

Ryans Video Game Projects



Because I am so creative. It will be a website where I make games for YOU guys to review, and will be both my personal dev diary and ecommerce site for publishing. I will be done hopefully by the end of the summer.

In the meantime, Enjoy my reviews and have an awesome day!

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