Titanfall Active Critique

This is something new I am going to try. You might have heard of Twitch.tv. You may have also heard about Xbox One’s new ability to feed directly to it.

I am going to have what I like to call an “Active Critique” which is basically a Lets Play where I review the game I am playing

at around 9:00 pm tonight, I will have a live Broadcast of me playing and critiquing TitanFall. You might have caught my test of this eariler. If you haven’t, Stay tuned to the screen below. IF you are arriving to this post too late, you need to check out my recording on youtube. 

UPDATE: Sorry guys; looks like twitch.tv deletes the video recordings if you wait too long. Guess I waited too long. I’ll have another broadcast for it soon.

Watch live video from Ideawizard on www.twitch.tv

Feel free to chat me up while I am playing.

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